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2 Secret Blogging Strategies That People Aren’t Talking About

There comes a time when you have to try something different. The old tricks don’t work anymore and your business is starting to stagnate. It happens to us all at some point. One minute we’re top of the world, then the next we are wondering if people will find our site next month. When times get tough it can be very stressful. Don’t bother trying the same things that don’t work because it will make it worse.

Stand up and walk away. Go for a walk and give yourself a shake. You’re an entrepreneur. Someone that should be coming up with new ideas until you are blue in the face. This article won’t solve your problem. You will eventually have to tackle the idea situation on your own. But luckily there’s a few new ideas that don’t seem to be mainstream yet. Try them out before everyone jumps on them.

Guest blogging is becoming to well known


Everyone knows how common guest blogging is. You write an article on a popular blog and some people will click through your link. It sounds great in theory. It’s free traffic for a few hours of your time writing a good article. The only problem is saturation. Now that everyone is doing it the results are dwindling. People know they’ve meant to visit the other blog and they are sick of it.

The easiest way to gain floods of traffic is by having other bloggers writing about you. Even something as simple as a link in the middle of their article drives traffic to your blog by the hundreds, and maybe thousands. The reason is because the people who read the other person’s site respect him. Being given permission to write a guest post isn’t enough anymore. It needs to come from them.

You pat my back, I’ll pat yours

Find someone in your niche. A blog that’s at around the same level as you. Ask him if he wants to write an article for his own blog, only he gives you a link and a recommendation in the article. You can do the same for him. So you’re still essentially writing a post each, except writing it on your own blog which will send more traffic to the other person’s site.

Increase visitors and make money


If you’re building a business you should have an idea about a product you are going to produce well before you even publish your first post. None of that crap about waiting a few years to monetize. Businesses don’t monetize; they have something to sell. But because you don’t have much readers you won’t be able to sell enough products to put enough food on your family’s table. This simple trick involves having a product, but doing nothing with it. 

The idea is to build up a base level of followers. When I say that, I mean you should have an engaged blog with people you know will buy something from you. It doesn’t have to be a lot. Try and hold off until you have at least 5,000 monthly visitors. Now you are going to use a funding platform to build a huge amount of new followers. The best one to use is Kickstarter.

Does this seem too sneaky?

Start a campaign on Kickstarter telling people about the product you want to release. The product you already have written, remember? Shhh. Get your small amount of loyal fans to back you and reserve a copy of their book. Once you reach a certain threshold the campaign will start showing on the front page of Kickstarter. You will end up making much more money, gaining a lot more readers and all because of something you’ve already written.

Robin Gupta is a prominent face in the field of online marketing. He often blogs about topics related to SEO and e-marketing.