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SPAMs and Slugs

There’s two SEO tips today, both short.

The first one is to do with email systems. More and more I am finding clients not getting emails from their contact or enquiry forms. It’s not that they aren’t getting visitors, it’s not that their web site is broken. The problem is that email software like Outlook is getting more and more aggressive in trying to filter out spam.

And unfortunately a lot of these software updates happen automatically without you knowledge. For example the latest update might have the logic: if email contains the word sale and it has an embedded graphic, send it to the spam folder.

So what if you have a client in East Sale and they have a logo in their email signature?

That’s just an example, but you can see the problem.

Bottom line … check your spam folder regularly. You may even wish to turn of email spam filtering completely. Here’s a search from Google that may help:

The second SEO tip is to do with some recent Google updates. I’m read several reports that state having your keywords at the beginning of the slug (web page file name), helps a little in the rankings.

What this means is that a page named woud outranks a page named for the search blue widgets (assuming everything else is equal)

It has always been good SEO practice to put your keywords in the page file name, but it seems Google is now giving this factor more weight.

What Do They Really Want?

windows-1-releasedWhen someone does a search in Google looking to buy a product or service, they usually have four questions at the top of their mind.

These are:
1. Do you have what I want?
2. How much does it cost?
3. How can I trust you?
4. What do I do next?

Most web sites go a long way to answering questions one and four, but often fall down on the cost and trust questions. It’s hard enough getting people to your web site, why blow the opportunity by not answering those other two?

From an SEO point of view answering the cost and trust questions also helps your search engine rankings. Every new page on your web site is an extra opportunity to snag more traffic for additional well-converting search terms.

Examples of typical well converting searches where a dedicated page would be appropriate include:

wedding venue prices brisbane
iPhone screen repair costs
1300 number prices
cost of laser hair removal
cost of limousine hire on the gold coast

“But what about my competitors?” you say. “They will know my prices. I want my web site visitors to contact me to get a quote.”

Unfortunately 90% of people will not contact you. And they will really resent having to fill in a form just to get a rough idea of your pricing.

In some cases you cannot give a firm price because every client or job is different. In these cases it’s fine to give a range or average of prices.


  • Our typical client spends an average of $150 per month on laser treatments for about 6 months
    The average cost of a 40 page web site with shopping cart is $4750
  • Our wedding reception packages range between $75 and $120 per head including venue hire and catering, but excluding alcohol.
  • The typical bathroom renovation costs between $7000 and $12000 depending on room size, fittings and fixture choices.