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Does having an https address matter to SEO?

There is a big difference between http:// and https:// from a security point of view. And Google Chrome now gives a warning to users if the connection to a website is not secure. This may scare off some website visitors. On the Google Webmaster Central Blog in August 2014 Google said: For these reasons, over the past few months, we’ve been running tests taking into account whether sites use ...
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Web Site Monitoring Tool Visual Ping

Do you check your web site every morning to see if it's working? I suspect not. Trouble is if your web site is offline for any reason, or gets hacked, Google will quickly strip away your hard-earned rankings. A few weeks ago I found a free web site monitoring service called Visual Ping. You can see it at https://visualping.io/ The frequency of changes and the degree of change can be set t...
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