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Awesome Orphan Pages

orphanAn orphan page is a page that is located on your web site, Google can index it via the sitemap or internal page links, but it does not appear anywhere in a navigation menu. “Orphan” because it is a page with no menu parent.

As an SEO tactic using orphan pages is an effective way of getting incremental increases in search engine traffic by optimising multiple pages for low volume and low competition search terms. Lots of little fish are sweet.

The orphan page becomes a point of entry via Google search results, but once they hit your web site the only way they can get back to their starting point is by hitting the back button. Let’s say you have a hairdressing business located in Coorparoo. You may think that optimising a page for hairdressers brisbane is a wise move. 1600 searches per month. Gold.

The trouble is every other hairdresser in Brisbane is thinking the same thing meaning getting in the top 3 spots will take a lot of work.

A better approach may be to create pages targeting specific locations:

  • hairdressers coorparoo
  • hairdressers greenslopes
  • hairdressers mt gravatt
  • hairdressers carindale
  • hairdressers holland park
  • hairdressers moorooka
  • hairdressers camp hill
  • hairdressers carina
  • hairdressers morningside
Click to see numbers

Click to see numbers

In aggregate these search terms add up to being significant traffic, and I would argue this traffic would convert much better than traffic for searches such as hairdressers brisbane.

Similarly you can also create orphan pages for product or service categories. Here are some alternatives to lawyer darwin:

  • family lawyer darwin
  • divorce lawyer darwin
  • traffic lawyer darwin
  • workers compensation lawyer darwin
  • commercial lawyer darwin
  • conveyancing darwin
  • criminal lawyer darwin

Get the idea? Sure it takes more effort to create unique pages (yes, they do have to be unique), for each location or category, but you will find it is probably worth the effort.

Is Fashion Ruining Your SEO?

IS BAD FASHION RUINING YOUR SEOWeb site design seems to go in fashions. About 12 months ago the “Metro Look” was all the rage due to Windows 8. The latest trend is to have extremely long pages that have everything on the home page with navigation that moves you to specific section of the page.

The trouble with these long pages is that Google can get confused as to what the page is all about. If you moosh together company purpose, company history, product details, testimonials and contact details all on one page you can understand why Google could get a

little confused.

One of the golden rules of SEO is to make it crystal clear to Google what the page is talking about and where possible, dedicate one page per search term.