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Feeding the Beast

If you are going to bother investing the time blogging to gain search engine traffic, you might as well get those blog posts distributed as widely as possible.

This SEO tip, for example , goes out via email, blog, Facebook page, Google Plus, Linkedin and Twitter. Write once – publish everywhere. Smart – Lazy is the way to go 🙂

There is a free service called Feedburner (now owned by Google), that is very useful for managing blog subscribers and also building those all-important links to your home page and internal blog pages.

Notwithstanding the Google Panda update in April, backlinks are still very important to get good Google search engine rankings.

Once it is all set up, whenever you publish a new blog post, Feedburner automatically publishes it on your own unique Feedburner page. And if people have subscribed to your blog via email through Feedburner, whenever you update your blog those subscribers will get a nice email digest of your latest blog posts.

Here’s an example of a Feedburner page: http://feeds.feedburner.com/SeoBrisbaneSearchTempo Not very pretty, but that’s not the point.

You see, Feedburner has a very high domain authority, which means links from Feedburner are trusted by Google.

And if you go to the trouble of also building links directly to your Feedburner page, links FROM your Feedburner page to your web site pages are even
more valuable.


There are a few steps involved in initially setting up the Feedburner system. They are:

  1. Register with Feedburner. Here’s a link to the signup page. [https://accounts.google.com/NewAccount?service=feedburner]
  2. Add your feeds to the account. With a bit of luck you may even be able to get some nice keywords in your Feedburner url. If you are running a standard WordPress site, your feed address is probably something like http://domainname.com.au/feed
  3. Build links to your new Feedburner page from other web pages to build up the PageRank of your Feedburner page.
  4. Keep on blogging and feed the SEO beast