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It’s the Links John West Rejects

Many internet-smart business owners now understand that one of the best things they can do to get better Google rankings is to build links to their web pages from web pages on other sites. As a result I’m often asked about link building and the best kind of links to get.

There’s so many backlinking options including:

* Online directory links
* Blog comments
* Blog trackback links (only works between blog pages but well worth the effort)
* Forum signature links
* Links from charity and trade show sites (these often have very good PageRank)
* Blog post links
* Link exchanges
* Wikipedia reference sources (hard to pull off, but worth gold)
* Youtube video description links
* Article marketing links
* Press release submissions

the list goes on. Over time you will work out what method works best for you. In my case it’s article marketing, manual blog commenting and page smurfing.

For my time and money the best links to get are contextual links with the target anchor text from a page with decent Google PageRank.

By decent I mean the web page (not web site), has a Google PageRank of 1 or higher.

From a time verses results point of view, one link from a PR1 page is worth far more than thousands of PR0 links.

As with most things, quality counts. You can see what links you have by using the free tool at http://seomoz.com or via Google Webmaster tools.