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Link Bait – Easier to Say than Do

One way to get traffic and links to your web site is to create content that is so interesting, so useful or so compelling that others will share it and naturally link to it.

Easy in theory, very hard to pull off in practice.

Examples of link bait include:

  • Interesting articles or product reviews
  • Creative Commons Photos that you let people use for free [example]
  • Infographics [example]
  • Videos
  • On-line tests and quizzes [example]
  • Games
  • Checklists and cheat sheets
  • Online tools [example]
  • PDF Books
  • Free software to download

In short, anything so interesting or worthy that people will share it via email, blog post, links page, Twitter, Facebook or other social media.

Here is a great example of some Christmas Link Bait. Just enter your address and see what happens.  http://www.pusher.com.au/clients/pusher-christmas-2011