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Metatag Magic for SEO and Social Media

Too often lazy web designers and people new to search engine optimisation will use the same title tags and meta description on every web page on their site.

This is a problem because the metatags are telling the search engines is that all the pages are the same.

Imagine a bookstore with 10,000 different books with exactly the same title and back cover blurb 🙂

To get more quality traffic and improve search engine rankings for multiple pages, every page should have a unique title and description with a focus on the keyword phrase that page is targeting.

And it’s not just for SEO either. In this era of tweets and sharing or promoting web pages on social media sites like Facebook and Linkedin, the one-click sharing process extracts the Title and Description from the web page being shared. You also have the opportunity to get even more attention and click-throughs by having a thumbnail image (see example)

The sharing process extracts metadata from the page

Bottom line is you need correct descriptive information in your title tag and meta description because this is what people will read on social network sites before they decide to click through to your web site or not.

To check your web page metatags there is a free tool here that I have used for over 10 years. http://www.scrubtheweb.com/abs/meta-check.html

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