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SEO Training Corporate and Public

Brisbane – Sydney – Melbourne – Ballarat – Perth – Canberra – Cairns


“Unlike our competitor’s larger lecture-style SEO training courses, this is a hands-on SEO training course where you put into practice what you learn. Students are encouraged to work on their own projects.”



Duration: 1 day, plus ongoing support through Wiki access, e-mail and telephone

900 AM – 5PM. Lunch 12-1 PM.

Venue: You supply suitable training room with internet or attend one of our public SEO training courses.

Corporate SEO Training Course Cost: $3500 per course for up to 7 people (includes instructor travel and accommodation costs for BNE, PERTH, CAIRNS, SYD or MEL locations).

Public SEO training course cost: – the cost is $695 per person.

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EFT, PayPal or cheque prior to course

: Contact us to arrange dates and customised content.


“After 14 months of paying 3 different SEO companies over $20,000 with such minimal results (results of rankings from about 10 to 14), now after 3 weeks of your help I now have number 1 rankings for my keywords! I am absolutely thrilled beyond belief. And our phones just don’t stop ringing! Thank you so so much for all your help.”[more testimonials here]

– Julie Hart
Brisbane Marriage and Relationship Counsellor

SEO Training Benefits

The SEO training consists of lecture, example, then hands-on application where the students use modern SEO tools to assist them in search engine optimisation. Each student gets practical experience and a certificate of attainment.

All graduates of the Search Tempo SEO training also get 6 months free access to the Search Tempo Wiki .

This password protected web site is full of useful information, and SEO reference library and access to online tools. In fact, it is the same set of tools used by Search Tempo SEO staff. The SEO training Wiki is updated weekly with the latest SEO training information, ebooks, advice and tools. Stand alone access to this SEO training resource is worth $299 for 6 months access, but is included as part of this training package.

SEO Course Training Objectives


Key concepts of SEOKeyword AnalysisSearch Engine SubmissionGetting Quality one-way and two-way linksLink BaitingBlack Hat SEOMeta Tag GenerationSite design and architectureSEO Copy writingArticle MarketingWeb 2.0 MarketingSearch engine results page dominationThe Big SEO Secret
  • Describe the major aim of search engine optimisation
  • Explain the foundation concept of pages verses sites when it comes to SEO
  • Describe recent changes in search engine ranking algorithms and the trend towards favouring Web 2.0
  • Explain why keyword research is the most important aspect of SEO
  • Conduct keyword research using online tools to identify the most profitable key phrases for your web pages
  • Use KEI analysis to identify potential keywords for a web page
  • Analyse competitor SEO strategies and tactics
  • Produce customised key word phrases for each page in your web site
  • Describe the search engine submission process, spidering and indexing process
  • Describe a method of getting listed in Google within 1 to 2 weeks
  • Detail how it is possible to get a blog page spidered and indexed in less than 30 minutes
  • Create a sitemap using freely available online tools
  • Link a sitemap to a web page for spidering by the search engines
  • Create an automatic alerting system to tell you when Google has indexed your site
  • Apply to get your web site listed in Google Places
  • Describe the concept of Google PageRank
  • Describe the 9 qualities of the perfect incoming link
  • Draft a powerful directory listing description including key words in the anchor text
  • Use blogs and forums to get one-way links
  • Use blog comments to get one-way links
  • Use blog and ping to get your new web pages indexed quickly
  • Use underground link building methods to get quality links from high PR sites
  • Use free directories to get one-way links
  • Use free software to automate the directory submission process
  • Identify the important qualities of a link exchange partner
  • Describe how nofollow tags can be used to defraud link exchange partners
  • Subscribe to link exchange programmes to get reciprocal links
  • Define the term link baiting and describe how it works to improve search engine results
  • Give six example of link baiting methods
  • Describe how to promote your new link bait
  • Define the term black hat SEO
  • List 5 common black hat SEO methods
  • Explain the concept of link cloaking and automatic content generation
  • Rank well for your competitor’s brand or company name
  • Describe techniques to minimise link cloaking detection and penalties
  • Load a link clocker program with keywords and see the results
  • Use Blog “search-ping-and-track” to get quality incoming links quickly
  • Explain why meta tags are important and state which two tags are the most important
  • Identify the most important Meta tag elements
  • Describe the rules for meta tag creation
  • Optimise the page TITLE Tag
  • Optimise the page META Description Tag
  • Optimise the page META Keywords Tag
  • Use domain names, page names, alt tags, file names, image names and anchor text to improve search engine rankings
  • Describe the purpose of the robots.txt file
  • Create a robots.txt file for your web site
  • Link a robots.txt file to a web page
  • Describe how punctuation can help domain name rankings
  • List the five golden rules for SEO copy writing
  • Write web copy that includes the correct key word ratio and the correct HTML tags
  • Use online tools to calculate key word ratios
  • Optimize the page text for better keyword placement
  • Describe the 3 major benefits of article marketing
  • Describe the standard format and structure for an article to be submitted
  • Find over 50 article submission sites
  • Draft a powerful article author bio/resource box including key words in the anchor text
  • Use free software to automate the article submission process
  • Set up automatic alarms to let you know when an article has been published or syndicated
  • Describe the four major categories of web 2.0 web sites
  • List the benefits of blogging from a marketing perspective
  • Describe the process of social bookmarking
  • Explain how social bookmarking can drive traffic
  • List the major benefits of video posting and podcasting
  • Explain how video posting can drive traffic and improve rankings
  • Describe how a video description can blow away your competitors
  • Post a video to a video distribution site
  • Describe how to mix tactics to dominate the top 10 search results
  • Use a media mix to push competitors out of the top 10 results
  • Use Google tools to provide other methods of entry to your web site
  • Use Google Maps to gain top results in the SERPs within weeks

There are less than five SEO experts in Australia who know of this secret, and even less who implement it. The bottom line is that this technique, if implemented, is worth more than 20 times the cost of the course.

It seems a very risky technique, but if you look and listen carefully you will agree it makes infinite sense and has very little risk and down-side.

The last lecture of the day covers this material and how to implement it to get absolutely outstanding results in days rather than months.

So if you are interested in mastering the search engines, call (07) 3166 9622 and ask us about our in-house and public SEO training courses.