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So What to do about Google Hummingbird

woman-hummingbirdDuring its recent 15th birthday celebrations, Google announced a major update to its search algorithm named Hummingbird. According to Google, this change was made to support the increasing trend by people searching the internet using conversational sentences as queries rather than keywords and phrases by talking into their phone.

Examples could include:
List of good Italian restaurants in Brisbane
Somebody to fix a leaking tap
Find me cheap flights to Bali
List the best seo companies in brisbane

These changes also took into consideration concepts and relationships between the questions being asked, and the answers being sought, meaning intelligent answers (as content) to longer, complicated search queries are now very important in your SEO strategy.

From an SEO perspective it has always been a great idea to have a FAQs section on your website. To make your SEO Hummingbird friendly, instead of placing the FAQs on one page, separate the questions and answers between individual pages and posts under a FAQ category. If you are running WordPress, this should be reasonably easy for you.

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