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Alternatives to Yahoo Site Explorer

In late November last year the SEO world was shaken by the announcement that Yahoo Site Explorer was shutting down as a result of the technology merger of Bing and Yahoo.

Yahoo used to have a fabulous tool that allowed people interested in SEO to discover and analyse incoming links to a web site. This was a free service and a lot of other online tools used Yahoo Site Explorer as the source of this backlink data.

So the big question is how do you get backlink data now?

We are still searching for a fast, good and free solution, but in the meantime we are recommending the Blekko tool to the students on our SEO courses.

You can see Blekko in action for yourself at Blekko.com

You have to log in to use the SEO tools, but it is free and only takes a minute to sign up.

The data in Blekko isn’t as current as Yahoo Site Explorer was, but it is presented well and can still be quite useful for analysing your own, and your competitors backlinks.

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