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SPAMs and Slugs

There's two SEO tips today, both short. The first one is to do with email systems. More and more I am finding clients not getting emails from their contact or enquiry forms. It's not that they aren't getting visitors, it's not that their web site is broken. The problem is that email software like Outlook is getting more and more aggressive in trying to filter out spam. And unfortunately a lo...
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What Do They Really Want?

When someone does a search in Google looking to buy a product or service, they usually have four questions at the top of their mind. These are: 1. Do you have what I want? 2. How much does it cost? 3. How can I trust you? 4. What do I do next? Most web sites go a long way to answering questions one and four, but often fall down on the cost and trust questions. It's hard enough getting pe...
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