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Commercial Intent Keywords

Online tools like the Google Keyword tool are invaluable for a starting point for SEO keyword research, but these tools don’t help very much in working out the most profitable search terms to optimise for.

It is very tempting to go after the top keywords in your market based on search volume alone. The trouble is most of your competitors are doing the same thing making it a challenge to get anywhere near the top of the first page of the Google search results.

This is where adding commercial or buyer intent keywords can help.

Commercial intent keywords are words that many people add to their search term when they are serious about making a financial or time commitment. They tending to be buying not just looking.

Here’s a starter list of commercial intent search terms. I’m sure you can come up with more based on your particular industry:

Buy + Keyword
Keyword + price
Keyword + prices
cheap + keyword
Quote for + Keyword
Keyword + quotes
Keyword + specials
costs for + Keyword
cost of + Keyword
Keyword + reviews
Keyword + deals

Some real-life examples:

buy washing machines
gym membership prices
car detailing deals
cheap seo packages
cost of orthotics
inground swimming pool quotes

Once you have built your list, it may now be a good idea to go back to your keyword tool and see how your buyer intent keyword volumes compare. Here’s an example screenshot from the Google keyword tool for wedding flowers.

And if you want to get even more sophisticated and have a location based product or service, you can also add a location to your target keywords as follows:

Buy + Keyword + Location
Keyword + price + Location
Keyword + prices + Location
cheap + Keyword + Location
Quote for + Keyword + Location
Keyword + quotes + Location
Keyword + specials + Location
costs for + Keyword + Location
cost of + Keyword + Location
Keyword + reviews + Location
Keyword + deals + Location

Some real-life examples:

cost of wedding flowers brisbane
seo costs in perth
cheap dog minding new farm
buy washing machines ipswich
web design prices in cairns
car detailing prices bribane
orthotics prices sydney
inground swimming pool quotes gold coast

So in the wedding flowers example, I would build three new web pages each optimised for one of the following terms:

cost of wedding flowers brisbane
wedding flower prices brisbane
costs for wedding flowers brisbane

I would then build some links into each of these pages from articles, blog comments, social bookmarking and link exchanges.

It is far easier to get to page one of the Google search results for cost of wedding flowers brisbane than wedding flowers, or even wedding flowers brisbane, but what you lose in volume you gain in motivated visitors who are ready to buy and show that intention through the way they search.