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Does Blog Commenting Still Work?

By now you probably realise that if you want to rank well in Google you must get quality backlinks (links from web pages with good PageRank), from a variety of sources. It’s a good idea to spread your risk because Google may change it’s algorithm to discount certain types of links.

Notwithstanding the recent Google Panda updates, our experiments indicate that blog commenting does still work in driving traffic and in improving rankings.

One great place to get links to your web pages is through manual blog commenting. There is software out there that automates the process, but seriously, you are much better off doing manual commenting.

In short, what you do is find blog pages with decent PageRank, read the post and then contribute your ideas to the conversation.

Is this spamming?

If you actually read the post and make an intelligent contribution then the answer is “no”. If you just write something like “great post” hoping to get a free link then it could be seen as spamming and you are wasting your time. Just remember, that in 99% of cases a real human will read your comment before approving it and the resulting link.


To get you started, below is a list of four blog posts that allow commenting. Two are about food, one is about shoes and one is about design.





All these pages have PageRank ranging from 1 to 4.

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