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Enter the Copywriter

seo-copywritingWhat are the greatest difficulties people face when trying to do their own SEO?

It certainly isn’t understanding the theory, which is essentially about keyword research, creating various forms of content and the building backlinks to that content.

No, the biggest barriers I have found is the implementation of the theory, especially web page copywriting and web site editing.

Ask a person if they can design great graphics and they will probably give you and honest “No”.

Ask them if they can compose, shoot and photoshop great photographs and most people will also say “No”.

Ask them if they can code up a php web site template styled with css, link it to a database back-end and then launch it securely on the Internet and you will usually get the same answer: “No, I can’t.”

But ask them if they can write compelling and interesting keyword-rich web page copy about their business and they will get all huffy and offended and say something like: “Of course I can, I went to school.”

Yes, they went to school. And because they went to school and spent years and years in English classes doing useful things like describing how Orwell’s Animal Farm was an allegory for the Russian Revolution, they think they can write.

Truth is, most can’t, especially about their own business.

When it’s your business, it’s difficult to write interesting words (salesmanship in print), from a prospective customer’s point of view.

Enter the copywriter.

Your professional copywriter is responsible for extracting the benefits from your offer, telling your story, crafting it in such a way that it resonates with the reader, producing an emotional response and then some sort of action.

You probably use an accountant to do your tax, a solicitor to look after contracts and a technician to fix your computers, why not hire a copywriter to help sell your products or services online?

There’s no point in getting visitors to your web site using SEO unless you can convert those visitors to paying clients and customers.

In short, hire an expert to sell what you have to offer using the written word.

Think of well-crafted and polished web page copy as a marketing investment in your business that will give you returns for many years to come.