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Excellent Example of Local Area Marketing – Suncorp Billboard

This simple advertising billboard in five words and one image from the newspaper says so much and draws on so many aspects of Queensland culture, history and personality including:
  • last years floods and the threat of a repeated disaster,
  • the determination of Queenslanders who got through it,
  • the grit and “stickability” of King Wally Lewis one of Australia’s best Rugby League players
  • and the ability of Queenslanders to laugh at themselves in the face of adversity.
From an advertising and local area marketing point of view I think of:
  • Suncorp being a true-blue Queensland company
  • Suncorp having a sense of humour congruent with my own
  • Suncorp having survived the last big Brisbane floods is all ready for the next natural disaster.
  • The implied called to action is to review or renew my household insurance
The image was taken in January this year at the height of the Brisbane floods. Some wag dressed up the statue of Wally Lewis in floaties and a mask. The rest is history.
You can see it yourself on the city side of the Story bridge in Brisbane. 5 out of 5 for awesome advertising effectiveness. Well done Suncorp and the agency who thought of it.