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FAQ Me Silly

faqs-questionAfter the home page and prices page, the most popular page on most web sites is the frequently asked questions page (FAQs).

What we have noticed the last few months since the last Google Penguin update that as well as being a useful resource for your clients to read, Google seems to index and rank FAQ pages very quickly (less than 2 days on a new WordPress site).  These FAQ pages also seem to rank better than “salesy” pages.

It make sense. The purpose of the FAQ page is to anticipate your potential client’s questions and answer them in a straight-forward manner.  In other words,  be useful to your readers.

Guess what?  That is exactly what Google is looking for.

The other wonderful thing about FAQ pages is that they are easy to write.  Just use the following format:

Straight question
Straight answer


What flavours does your all-natural sugar-free sorbet come in?
Apple, orange, strawberry and mango.

How much is shipping to Alaska?
$120 for standard shipping via sea, $475 via air.

How long does it take you to build my new dog house?
Assuming the site is suitable, 4 hours from start to lock-up stage.

If I buy this dress and wear it a few times, can I return it if I don’t like it?

Customer-facing staff appreciate the information on an FAQ page and can be great source of typical questions and answers.