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How Adwords Can Help Organic SEO

google-greedGoogle Adwords can be a very effective advertising medium if the numbers are right and the lifetime value of a new client or customer is more than 50 times the average cost per click.

But how can Google Adwords help with organic (natural or organic), SEO?

Here’s some thoughts:

  1. For brand new web sites, setting up a Google Adwords campaign for that new site ensures that your new site gets indexed quickly. Sure there are other ways to get your site indexed, but with Adwords you can force Google’s hand to make sure the site gets indexed quickly.
  2. Google Adwords can give you more keywords to test and try. As part of the Adwords setup process Google will suggest other keywords that you may have not even considered. If it turns out that there keywords convert to sales, then they could be used for an organic SEO campaign.
  3. Part of the Adwords service is a function called conversion tracking. Search volume is good, but converting search volume is what you really want. There is no point in getting lots of visitors unless they buy or enquire. Adwords allows you to measure over time which search terms convert to sales. These search terms can then be used as the basis for an organic SEO campaign. And if you find that those terms are working well in the organic results, you can then try turning your Adwords off to see what happens.
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