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How an “Our Blog” Section Can Mess Up Your SEO

Some web designers add an “Our Blog Posts” section to the bottom of each static information page. The idea is to get readers to click through to other articles of interest to display the expertise of the web site owner.

That’s good from a marketing point of view, but unless the blog posts summarised at the bottom of the page are very closely related to the page’s target keyword phrase, it can really mess up your SEO.

Here’s an example:

Say you have a website all about car tyres and you have a bunch of blog posts about car tyres – how to select them, features and benefits of different brands, pre-holiday tyre checking, how to change a car tyre and so on.

You also have a page targeting the keyword phrase “wheel alignment”. And you really need that page to rank well.

You know that wheel alignment is related to car tyres but does Google?

When Googlebot scans the page it will see a little bit about wheel alignment and a lot of information about car tyres due to the “Our Blog Posts” section at the bottom of the page bristling with all your good info about car tyres. Some of these “Our Blog Posts” add-ons include snippets of text making the problem even worse. Due to the keyword ratios on the page, Google believes the page is about car tyres, not wheel alignment.

If you believe some of your pages are suffering due to an “Our Blog Posts” section at the bottom of your pages, turn off the section for 6 to 8 weeks and see if your rankings change.