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It’s Just a Web Site !

I find it amazing and somewhat saddening the time people spend getting their web site “just right” in their eyes rather than concentrating on what is important.

The truth is none of your web site visitors really care if the page sub-heading text is 16 points rather than 13 points, or if the background colour of the web pages is exactly the right shade of blue, or if you highlight every important word to make sure the readers don’t miss what is important.

The other truth is that what you see may not be what other people see. There’s over 5,000 different combinations and permutations of web browser, screen size, screen resolution and browsing device and it is impossible to get a web page to look exactly the same and to look perfect for all different combinations.

What looks great in the Google Chrome Browser on a PC with a 1440 x 900 pixel monitor may look rubbish on a PC running Internet Explorer 7 at 800 x 600 pixels.

No, nobody is going to be interested in what you have to offer just because you have the same aesthetic tastes, unless of course, you are an interior designer, graphic artist or in some other “creative” occupation.

What people are interested in is how you articulate your offer, the words you use, the images you use to support your words, and the rock-solid-proof of past performance.

You need to connect. You need to convince. You need to sell.

And just as importantly, you need to get found in Google.

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