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Linkedin security is a joke.

Stale Linkedin Cookie

Linkedin security is a joke. I ended up in someone else’s account this morning when I logged in. At least this time I know the person and I suspect he had used my computer about 3 months ago when he was in Brisbane.

Last week my son ended up in some random guy’s account who happens to live in Canada. Never heard of him. Reported it to Linkedin Tech support and explained that this guy had never used the same computer, in fact he lives thousands of miles away.

They said they’re looking into it:) I suspect because of the millions of people now on Linkedin, some cookies are duplicated meaning that there is a random chance of your cookie allowing access to someone else’s account.

These cookies with a long life are a really, really bad idea. I can see this is all going to end up in tears when someone ends up in a high-profile person’s account and then connects to every sex worker and exotic dancer they can find 🙂

Why not set the cookie expiry to 3 hours? I value my business contacts more than my bank account and I’m damned sure banks don’t use cookies with long lives !

I guess the message in all this is to make sure you delete your browser cookies after every time you have been on Linkedin. It’s a pain in the butt I know, but better safe than sorry.