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URL Leverage

urlLast year Google made a significant change to the ranking algorithm as part of the Penguin anti-web-spam updates. The bottom line is that keyword rich domains no longer have a ranking advantage. You know what I mean, domains like hotels-sydney.com or affordable-clutch-repair-ipswich.net

And if you have looked at the Google search results lately you may have noticed a lot less of those sorts of domain name appearing.

What you may not know is that keyword-rich page file names seem to be performing better than ever. It seems as if Google has turned up the rankings dial on keywords in internal page urls. Urls like these:

www.happyremovals.com.au/ furniture-removals-ipswich.html


In several cases that I have seen the home page will rank on page one for the target keyword and an internal page will also rank on page one for exactly the same keyword . Two search results from a possible 10.

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