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SPAMs and Slugs

There’s two SEO tips today, both short.

The first one is to do with email systems. More and more I am finding clients not getting emails from their contact or enquiry forms. It’s not that they aren’t getting visitors, it’s not that their web site is broken. The problem is that email software like Outlook is getting more and more aggressive in trying to filter out spam.

And unfortunately a lot of these software updates happen automatically without you knowledge. For example the latest update might have the logic: if email contains the word sale and it has an embedded graphic, send it to the spam folder.

So what if you have a client in East Sale and they have a logo in their email signature?

That’s just an example, but you can see the problem.

Bottom line … check your spam folder regularly. You may even wish to turn of email spam filtering completely. Here’s a search from Google that may help: http://tinyurl.com/gqkjn2r

The second SEO tip is to do with some recent Google updates. I’m read several reports that state having your keywords at the beginning of the slug (web page file name), helps a little in the rankings.

What this means is that a page named searchtempo.com/blue-widgets/ would outrank a page named searchtempo.com/products-new-blwgt/ for the search blue widgets (assuming everything else is equal)

It has always been good SEO practice to put your keywords in the page file name, but it seems Google is now giving this factor more weight.

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