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Who We Work With

Search Tempo has a variety of clients from a range of industries. They do have three things in common: they know their market, they invest in advertising and marketing and they want to get more business via the internet.

We like working with retailers, engineers, tradespeople, restaurants, service firms and consultants. We also work with local corporates and government agencies who are successful in their respective fields and are focused on their core business.

If you believe you can throw up a web site (the build it and they will come dream), and wait for the money to roll in, then you are going to be very disappointed.

Getting business from the internet is just as hard, if not harder, than running a bricks and mortar business. And like a bricks and mortar business, it needs an investment in marketing, product or service innovation, and excellent delivery.

Non-Competition Policy

To protect your investment in our services, we have a strict non-competition policy. What that means is we will not do work for more than one company in the same market niche.

If, for example, we have done a campaign for a Brisbane house painting firm and another Brisbane house painting firm asks for assistance, we will decline the business and suggest they look elsewhere. We don’t do this because we are nice people. We do it because or clients expect it and as a result we get ongoing business and higher profits.

If you know what you have to offer, know how you are different and are prepared to invest in the ongoing success of your business, please give us a call on 1300 748 851.