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Control Your Own Destiny

Remember big hair, flared jeans, telex machines, typewriters and floppy disks? Remember when there used to be two postal deliveries per day and one on Saturdays? Remember, the rattle of milk bottles and the thunk of the newspaper on the front lawn each morning? Remember when the Yellow Pages directory came in two enormous volumes each weighing 1-2 kilos? Like a lot of people, you've pr...
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If it ain’t broke

I see this all too often. An SEO neophyte gets a particular web page to the top of Google for a high volume and well converting search term, then they get greedy and the go after other search terms for the same page. In short, they fiddle. This fiddling may include adding more keywords to the title tag, adding lots more new keyword-rich copy to the page and building backlinks with a wide range ...
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