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Hashtags for SEO – #seotips

x-hashtagA hashtag is a word or groups of words (without any spaces) preceded by a hash sign (#), used on social media sites to identify messages on a specific topic.

A message may be identified via multiple hashtags eg. #seotips #seohelp #seotricks, and they make searching for such messages easier within certain web sites.

Originally hashtags were used on Twitter back in 2007, then their use then spread to other social media platforms.

Because of their uptake and usefulness, hashtags are now starting to bleed over to standard web sites and may be used in web pages for SEO purposes. Many search engine users are starting to search in Google using hashtags.

To use hashtags on a normal web page, it’s probably best to add the most appropriate hashtag at the end of the page’s title tag and associated tags at the end of the page.

#seoadvice #seotricks #seobrisbane

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