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It’s All About Quality

quality-countsAnyone who knows anything about SEO knows that backlinks from other web sites to the pages that you are trying to target in the Google rankings are extremely important.

But it’s not about quantity, it’s about quality. By quality I mean Google PageRank, page authority and page relevance.

Think of a backlink as a written character or job reference. What would you rather have, one reference from an ex-President or Prime Minister, or 50 references from random people you met on the bus?

Hundreds of links from low value sites do not help very much, and if you get too many backlinks of the same type, it may actually hurt your rankings.

Think 50 references from random people with exactly the same words. Credible? I think not.

Google made a big change in October 2013 and it was all about backlink profiles.

So where does one get quality backlinks?

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