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Keyword Research Cheat

Depending on your industry, sometimes it can be difficult to work out what people are searching on in Google to find what you offer.

Google has a great keyword planning tool, but where does one start the research process?

One way is to use Wikipedia pages and other long authority pages related to your industry as part of the keyword research process. Get Google to do your thinking for you.

1. Log into the Google Keyword Planning Tool [http://www.google.com/sktool/‎]

2. Select search for new keyword or ad group ideas

3. Select the city, state or country you are targeting. This may be very important. Do you know what South Australians call Devon sausage?

4. Find a relevant page on Wikipedia related to your offering and paste the address for that page in the landing page box

5. Click on the keyword ideas tab

6. Sort by search volume – highest to lowest

The beauty of this system is that it is fast to implement and you may find search terms with decent volume and conversion possibilities that you had no idea existed.

These search terms can then be used as the foundation of creating new pages or blog posts.


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