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Scanners verses Readers


[expand title=”Use of Smart Phones Growing”]Due to the rapid growth of smart phones and their use to read web sites, people are becoming scanners rather than readers. It’s not so much an issue of attention span or literacy, it’s more about reading text on a small screen.[/expand]

[expand title=”SEO Tricks for Mobile Users”]From an SEO point of view what this means is you need to cater to both types of readers. Lots of text for the search engines and desktop readers, but useful headings for smart phone visitors.

A simple way to do this is to use a sub-heading for each paragraph that summarises the key message. The body copy under the heading can then go into detail explaining the key message in more depth.

[expand title=”Good News for WordPress Users”]Wordpress has some plugins that make this approach easy to implement and visually appealing. Here is one such plugin called Collapse-o-matic.[/expand]

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