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SEO for Online Stores

Selling products online is a very tough business, especially if you don’t have something unique to offer. With traditional bricks and mortar stores your location, passing trade and the fact that people can touch and see your products makes marketing much easier. Not cheap … easier.

With online stores you are competing with everyone else on the internet, and the trend towards free shipping from China reduces much of your location advantage.

From an SEO point of view the best approach is to treat each product as it’s own little SEO project and follow the following guidelines:

  • One web page per product
  • Optimise the title metatag for the product. If it has a industry standard part number, include that in the title. People search on part numbers
  • Optimise the description metatag. Write it like a 150 character classified advertisement.
  • Include your target keywords in the page file name (url)
  • Make sure your image file names include your target keywords. Honda-Jazz-2009-Wheel-Cover.jpg not photo3.jpg  People use Google Image Search to find things.
  • Invest in quality product photography and be generous with your image sizes
  • Make sure your site is mobile and tablet-friendly
  • If you can include a bricks and mortar physical address, do so. It reduces the buyers risk.
  • Include product testimonials
  • Use font families and sizes that people can read
  • Make sure you write a complete and detailed description for each product and don’t use the same description as everyone else selling the same product on the internet
  • Don’t force people to create an account in order to buy from you (I hate that).

If you want to see a good example of most of the above, have a look at http://banggood.com