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The Big Three – How Can I Trust You?

TRUSTWhen someone does a search in a search engine looking to buy a product or service, they usually have three questions at the top of their mind.

These are:

  1. Do you have what I want?
  2. How much does it cost?
  3. How can I trust you?

Last week we looked at pricing. And you probably agree if a web site does not clearly state exact or approximate pricing, most visitors will not bother wasting their time getting a quote.

But what about building trust?

When we look at a web site there are many things that we scan to determine our level of trust.

In no particular order these include:

  • the look and feel of the site including colours, fonts, layout and other aesthetic elements
  • the brand value or potential brand value of the organisation behind the web site
  • the words on the page including tone, spelling, grammar and the clear articulation of a beneficial offer (what’s in it for me?)
  • customer reviews and testimonials
  • memberships of trade associations
  • links to Linkedin profile pages
  • listing a bricks and mortar street address
  • privacy, guarantee and returns policy pages
  • photographs of products, staff, business premises and employees on the job
  • social media interest including shares, likes, tweets and pins
  • links to mentions in the traditional media
  • recent blog posts about the related industry or service
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