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The Google Backlink Casino

casino-googleLast year one of the big changes that Google made to its algorithm was to penalise sites that had too many backlinks with exactly the same link anchor text.

I guess if you looked at the backlink profile of a web site and all the links had exactly the same anchor text, it would look a bit suspicious.

“Methinks there is some SEO going on here”, says Google.

Post 2013, if you are going to build backlinks, it is a good idea to mix up the anchor text variations to include:

1. brand name
2. company or business name
3. related search terms
4. primary search term
5. primary search terms plus related locations serviced by your business (eg. timber decks woolloongabba, timber decks coorparoo)
6. raw url (example: for more information visit http://searchenginecourse.com.au )

Back in the olden days before SEO became widely known and important, raw url links were very common. Raw url links look natural and normal to the Google ranking software.

A great place to use raw url links is in Youtube video descriptions. Just type the full url into the description box and Youtube will automatically convert it to a clickable link. See sample: http://youtu.be/uw3X63KhyQg Click on Show More to see the link.

These days when I build links I roll a dice to decide the type of link I build. I pretend I am at the Google Casino.

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