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What Is An SMS Autoresponder?

You use SEO, Adwords or social media to get people to your web site, but what happens next?

You are probably familiar with email autoresponders, but have you heard of SMS autoresponders?

With all the drama the last few weeks about ransomware attacks, it’s not surprising that many internet users are now distrusting emails, especially emails with attachments or embedded links.

Do I open it or not? From what I have read I believe the latest ransomware attack was embedded in a Word document.

An SMS autoresponder could be a way of reaching your market and get a much better open rate and return visit rate.

The way it works is as follows:

1. Web user visits one of your web pages

2. The web page offers to send more details to the visitor via SMS

3. The visitor enters their mobile phone number (without spaces), in a little form or pop-up

4. The form sends an email to a special SMS gateway that then sends an SMS message to the visitors mobile phone with a special fixed message.
It could be contact details, a special offer code or a link to a special web page.

That’s it. The benefit to the end user is they now have your details in their phone and can easily add your business to their phone contacts or click a link.

If you want to see it in action, visit searchtempo.com.au and fill in the little form in the footer. About 30 seconds later you will get a text with a special message.

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