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Is Google Adwords Worth the Money?

I often get asked if Google Adwords (aka Google pay per click), is worth the money. The short answer is: "yes, but it depends". The fact that Google makes most of it's more than $50 billion per year from Adwords says a lot for the effectiveness of Adwords for millions of its customers. It all comes down to the numbers If you are trying to sell a $9.95 ebook online and you are payin...
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Blending PPC and SEO

When it comes to online marketing, Search Engine Optimisation and Pay Per Click are two major players, but can they work side by side harmoniously? To answer the question we must first understand what exactly these marketing techniques are and how they work to drive traffic towards a website and increase rankings. What is SEO? SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the process of creating releva...
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