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Recycle Your Blog Posts

Having a blog on your web site is a good idea for several reasons including traffic generation from long-tail keyword searches, page interlinking and building a receptive audience.

Google tends to favour larger web sites because of all the different keywords and internal interlinking between the web pages.

The trouble with the whole blogging theory is it takes a bit of time and discipline to make time, think and write.

It’s funny, many people who can talk the leg off a chair find it impossible to string a few words together in print. It seems writers blog is far more common than talkers block.

I guess you could pay someone to blog for you (yes Fairfax journalists can have a future), but another idea is to recycle your old blog posts.

For WordPress web sites there is a free plugin that does this auto-magically for you. The plugin is called Old Post Promoter.

What it does is:

1. Randomly selects an old post. You decide how old it has to be and how often a post is recycled. Now this assumes you do in fact have some old posts to recycle.

2. Changes the date on the old post to today.

3. Promotes the post to the top of the blog posts list and RSS feed.

New readers won’t know that the posts they are reading are several months old, and established readers will probably not care. How many times have you seen a rerun of M.A.S.H?

Plugins like Old Post Promoter are one of the reasons I strongly recommend that next time you want to refresh your web site, please at least consider switching to WordPress.  You will not be sorry.