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Speed Matters – Page Loading Speed and SEO 

seo-speedGoogle implemented page speed into its search ranking algorithm because research shows that faster page load times mean happier users.

What this means is that if your web pages are too slow to load, you may experience a drop in your search engine rankings.

A Google study found that “slowing down the search results page by 100 to 400 milliseconds has a measurable impact on the number of searches per user.”

Having a fast-loading site is even more important for mobile devices because the available browsing bandwidth is usually a lot lower.

One way to decrease your web site loading times is to use a free service called Cloudflare.

What Clouflare does is take a copy of your web pages and store them on 24 different servers across the world. This means browsers in Australia will see pages delivered from Sydney, browsers in the UK will see pages delivered from London ,and browsers in the USA will see your web pages delivered from one of 11 different servers in the USA.

As well as reducing your web site loading time, Cloudflare also adds more layers of security against denial of service and hacking attacks.

To set up Cloudflare takes about 5 minutes. Get an account, enter your web site address then change the DNS settings for your domain. That’s it.

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