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Is Adwords Expensive? The Whiny Builder Story

I am often asked if Google Adwords is worth the cost. My answer is always the same ... it depends on the numbers. What I mean is that if, over the long term, Google Adwords advertising generates more PROFIT than it costs then it is worth the spend. A few years a go I had a builder in my office whining about how much Adwords was costing him. I asked him what his average PROFIT was on his work...
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How Adwords Can Help Organic SEO

Google Adwords can be a very effective advertising medium if the numbers are right and the lifetime value of a new client or customer is more than 50 times the average cost per click. But how can Google Adwords help with organic (natural or organic), SEO? Here's some thoughts: For brand new web sites, setting up a Google Adwords campaign for that new site ensures that your new site gets ...
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